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I have created this Wiki in an attempt to organize my frequently used materials so I have easy access from anywhere. It is meant to be shared, so please help yourself to anything you see. If I have "borrowed" resources from other educators, I have attempted to cite the author when possible; if something looks familiar, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. If you would like to add resources, please send me a message and let me know about it. I want this to be a dynamic, collaborative effort, and a useful resource to anyone who may happen upon it.

My links: This is a web-based site that compiles all of your bookmarks/favorites in one place under given "tags". This link hosts all my bookmarks for all content areas, blogs I read, wiki's I've found useful, InterWrite Board resources, and general fun and interesting stuff.
Twitter So, if you've already found twitter, you've probably realized it can become an obsession. I have to say though; I've found some of my best teaching resources since joining. I feel I've been very fortunate to become a fly on the cyber-wall of some amazing colleagues' conversations (thank you twitterers!).
Reflective Creations (Our classroom blog) ~ Only in its infant state, it is a true work in progress!
Collaboration Central (Our classroom wikispace) ~ This is a site for us to practice our 21st century skills; consider it always "under construction".
Diigo Bookmarks Similar to Delicious, but you can add sticky notes as visual reminders on pages (nice tool!). Diigo also sends all bookmarks/tags directly to your Delicious account so you don't have to do work twice

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